Pre-Order Deposit on The All New Chopper

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Pre-Order Deposit on The All New Chopper

$ 800.00

This is a deposit that will hold the all new upgraded bike will be shipping May 2020. The full price will be $1499 until May and then sell for the regular $2199 after May 2020.

See the full details here:
Owner’s Manual



The Chopper is your way to escape. The 750w Bafang motor allows you to cruise at speeds up to 27mph and conquer any hill in your path. The bike is powered by a 48v 14ah Samsung cell battery. You will comfortably travel ranges from 30-50 miles. Our 22amp controller which is waterproof, allows you to ride in all types of weather. The front and rear lights both operate from the battery. Once you turn on your lights, both lights will be illuminated. The LCD display screen, which is multi-colored, tracks your battery level, speed, pedal assist level and distance traveled. The beige comfortable seat comes with matching comfort hand grips.

Benefits of The Chopper

Comfortable Ride: To create that comfortable ride, most people like to sit straight up without bending. The Chopper type handlebars do just that, plus the handlebars can be adjustable to exactly your desired position. We added a nice large seat and cushy handgrips.

Powerful: To make it powerful, we are using a 750 Bafang motor with a 22amp waterproof controller. The combination of a motor with a large controller is essential to make sure the power is captured when needed. This combination will allow you to cruise at 27mph and not allowing any hill to be an obstacle. This is one of the best electric motors in the market and in some circles better than Bosch. The Chopper has both throttle and 5 levels of pedal assist. Since you will be travelling at a good speed, we want to make sure you can stop. The brakes are hydraulic disc made by Tektron.

Long Lasting: The battery is lithium. It has 48volts/14amp hours. The cells are Samsung.

Unique Look: The unique look is obvious. We are using two different size Kenda fat tires. The front is 20” x 4.0 and the rear is 24” x 4.0. The frame is long so the rider can sit up and stretch out their legs. Since 2010, Revolve Electric Bikes has led by design. There is no other company offering this design or quality.

Service: Since Revolve has been around for just about 10 years, we have a network of dealers throughout the country that can service an electric bike. As electric bikes become more popular, more and more dealers will become available.

Technical Specs:


  • Lithium ion 48v 14ah Samsung cells
  • 4-6 hours charge time


  • 750W Bafang motor
  • 5 levels of pedal assist
  • Thumb throttle


  • Textro hydraulic disc brakes


  • Kenda front tire is 20” x 4”
  • Kenda rear tire is 24” x 4”
  • 30PSI


  • 22amp Waterproof Controller


  • Shimano 6 speeds


  • Aluminum Alloy

The Inspiration of The Chopper by Revolve Electric Bikes

Easy Rider

July 1969:

In July 1969, a movie was released called the “Easy Rider” starring Peter Fonda. That movie introduced the world to the motorcycle known as the Chopper. The Chopper motorcycle is distinctive with it’s trademark type handlebars, wheels and extended frame. The Chopper was created and designed in the 1960’s.

Easy Rider

August 2018:

Revolve has been a major player in the Electric Bike market since 2010. We are always searching for new designs and upgrading components. August 2018 is when we made a decision to develop The Chopper as an electric bike. We used the unique handlebars- when one sees these handlebars, they immediately say- “it’s a Chopper”. We decided to have two different size tires. One 24” in the rear and a smaller 20” in the front. The tires are 4” wide providing true motorcycle traction. The frame had to be developed to be longer than a traditional bike frame so one can extend their legs. Look how comfortable Peter Fonda looks riding the Chopper. We have designed ours for your riding comfort. Whether your height is 5’2” or 6’7”- one size fits all. Adjust the seat and handlebars and you will look as comfortable as Peter Fonda. Lastly, we added the best quality components to this bike-Bafang motor, Tektro hydraulic brakes and Samsung battery.

Frankly, there is no other electric bike in the market that duplicates this bike in design and quality.

February 2020:

Revolve is launching on Indiegogo the opportunity for you to have your own Chopper. For those that take advantage of this opportunity during the 30 days this program is running, they will receive significant discount in price and delivery by May 2020. Please either sign up so we can update you on the launch date on Indiegogo or send an email to

Chopper by NJ waterfront

Additional information






Driving Range





65 lbs

Wheels and Tires