Day Tripper II

Day Tripper II

$ 750.00

This is a great bike to use for deliveries, shopping locally or just riding pleasure. The bike weighs 50lbs. The battery is lead acid. Please note there is a basket in front and a seat in rear. The rear seat can also be used to carry packages.

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  1. Alan Frank

    I have been riding a Day Tripper II steadily for about four months now. I use it locally about 4-5 days a week and about 3-5 miles at a time. Before buying this bike I did a lot of research. The bike has exceeded all my expectations. The bike is very well made. It had better be with the condition of some roads.
    My maintenance consists of tire check and nut and bolt tightening. As it turns out, both were just inspections as nothing has come loose.
    The electrical system has performed flawlessly. I usually charge it every couple of days. It takes about one hour to charge for every two miles ridden.
    I’m 6’1″ and 190lbs and the bike runs smooth and and handles well. The brakes do their job and other than some nasty jolts from holes in the road the riding experience is enjoyable.
    The front basket is handy and I bungee cord a milk carton on the back when I need it.
    The front light is more for safety than illumination, but that’s okay. The only thing I would change would be the horn. Make it LOUDER! It’s a little wimpy (lol).
    The most important thing is the fact that Revolve who is the manufacturer was always there (email or phone) to answer my questions. If something were to go wrong it’s nice to know that it will be taken care of without having to pack it up and ship it halfway around the world.

  2. Alan Frank

    Just a quick update on my Day Tripper II. I have finished eight full months of riding about 4-5 days a week. I stopped keeping detailed records, but I have recorded approximately 600 trouble free miles in short trips of about 2-4 miles a day, except for a couple of 12 milers. I had one flat early on which you know and other than a broken headlight bracket from a pothole the bike has performed like a dream. I’ve kept it clean, and other than weekly checking of air pressure and all screws and bolts I have had nothing to do. I wish I could tell you more but when something does what it’s supposed to, there’s not much to tell.

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